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LifeGift Offers Opportunity to Honor Loved Ones at Memorial Hermann - Texas Medical Center

Life Gift Flag

Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center (TMC) proudly flies the Donate Life flag at the corner of Fannin Street and Cambridge Street in honor of all those who give the gift of life through organ and tissue donation. This is part of the Flags Across America project sponsored by Donate Life America, which honors and celebrates the hundreds of thousands of donors and recipients whose lives have been affected by organ, eye and tissue donation. Now, the Campus is adding another layer to the program – a layer that will hopefully offer additional emotional support to the families of donors.

Starting this year, Memorial Hermann-TMC is the first hospital in the Texas Medical Center offering families of organ donors the opportunity to fly a smaller, individual Donate Life flag in honor of the legacy left by their loved one through organ donation. Each time a family grants authorization for organ donation, a LifeGift staff member will offer the family the personal flag ceremony opportunity.

LifeGift, Memorial Hermann-TMC security and unit staff will work together to arrange a time for the family to come down to the flagpole, if they so desire, and witness the ceremonial raising of the Donate Life flag in honor of their loved one. Each donor’s flag will fly for 24 hours and then be presented or sent to the family by LifeGift.

“LifeGift is proud to partner with Memorial Hermann-TMC to offer this tribute to organ donors,” said Kim Davis, managing director of donation systems for LifeGift. “The ability to provide the flag ceremony for the family at the hospital demonstrates our deep gratitude and respect for the gift of life.” Davis adds that the program has received positive feedback from patients’ families at other hospitals across the U.S. “One of LifeGift’s other hospitals, John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, has been doing it for several years so we know firsthand that most families say yes to the flag raising and find it very meaningful,” she said.

When you see the smaller Donate Life flag flying below the larger one on the Memorial Hermann-TMC Campus, you will know that someone is being honored for generously offering the gift of life.