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Communications & Aircraft


The frequency for PPRs and arriving aircraft is 128.850.

If you are from another air medical program and needing assistance in obtaining permission to land at Memorial Hermann Hospital, please call (713) 704-3590.

Communications Center at Memorial Hermann Hospital is located on the 18th floor of the new Sarofim Pavilion. The center houses Dispatch for Memorial Hermann Life Flight.

Our communications staff handles flight dispatching, as well as coordinating critical care ground transports. This is a formidable task since the John S. Dunn Helistop is the busiest heliport in the United States for its size.

Fixed-Wing Aircraft

Medical Team at Life Flight undergoes extensive training in Critical care transport, which includes altitude physiology and fixed wing safety. We can fly patients from the Houston area to the destination of choice, bring patients back to Texas from overseas, or follow any other itinerary needed to serve your needs.

To consult with our Life Flight Dispatcher, call (713) 704-3590. Specialty care transports – such as patients using balloon pumps or Neonatal patients – can also be done with fixed-wing aircraft. The airplane used for the transport will be determined based on distance, patient considerations and special restrictions at outlying airports.