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Medical and Aviation Staff

Medical Team

The medical team members at Life Flight are highly trained & skilled professionals with years of experience in emergency medicine and critical care. The requirements to become Flight Nurses and Flight Paramedics are very demanding. Our medical team members continue their training and education by continually conducting recurrent skills training under Dr. James "Red" Duke, the Medical Director for Memorial Hermann Life Flight.

Aviation Staff

Memorial Hermann Life Flight Pilots and Mechanics are highly trained and experienced aviation professionals. Our helicopter mechanics are factory trained by Eurocopter and attend manufacturer’s training on Turbomeca engines.

Our pilots are the best in the industry. They are required to have thousands of hours of flight time and many years experience in aviation prior to being hired to work for Life Flight. Our requirements are even tougher now than ever, recently adding Airline Transport Pilot to the list of desired credentials.

The challenge really begins after a newly hired pilot begins the rigorous Part 135 and aircraft transition training program. It is intense training with the highest standards but for good reason. Some very experienced pilots will not be able to perform this mission to our stringent requirements. The rewards for those who successfully complete training are excellent.

Life Flight helicopter mechanics maintain a busy fleet of aircraft, supporting a flight volume in excess of 3,000 patient flights annually. Our skilled aviation maintenance technicians are Airframe & Powerplant Certified and perform services and repairs on our helicopters. Memorial Hermann Life Flight enjoys a readiness rate rarely seen in any walk of aviation.