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Life Flight®

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Life Flight

Life Flight®

Memorial Hermann Life Flight is a CAMTS accredited, critical care, air medical transport service based in Houston, Texas. We serve the community within a 150-mile radius of the Texas Medical Center with helicopters and worldwide using fixed-wing transport.

We are the only hospital-based air ambulance serving Houston and surrounding communities. Founded in 1976 by James "Red" Duke, M.D., who still is medical director, the service operates around the clock – weather permitting – 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Since its inaugural flight, Memorial Hermann Life Flight has flown more than 120,000 missions. Learn about the program’s history.

In 2006 the Campaign for Life Flight was initiated by the Memorial Hermann Foundation to raise $40 million to expand and enhance the fleet through the acquisition of six new state-of-the-art, more fuel efficient helicopters. Previously, Life Flight’s four helicopters were the busiest in the country.

Through the success of the Campaign, four helicopters replaced the existing fleet; the fifth is stationed at Memorial Hermann - Texas Medical Center; and the sixth is stationed at a new base servicing east Houston, including the Port of Houston, the ship channel, and surrounding communities. These helicopters are faster, larger, safer, quieter, better equipped, and have cut response time by as much as 15 minutes - or 33 percent - allowing for an increase in missions flown. The new helicopters took to the skies over Southeast Texas at the completion of The Campaign for Life Flight in 2008.

This critical air ambulance service, which is committed to excellence in aviation safety and clinical care, retrieves critically ill and injured patients in the greater Houston area. Most locations are accessible in less than 15 minutes, within a 150-mile radius of Houston, including Harris County, southeast Texas and part of western Louisiana.

Each flight is staffed by highly skilled personnel and equipped advanced emergency equipment and necessary medications, and can transport up to two patients. Learn about the program’s accomplishments.

Provided as a community service by Memorial Hermann, Life Flight operates as a hospital-based, non-profit organization and relies on community support and fundraising efforts to pay for the service. It costs about $3 million annually to support the program, none of which comes from tax dollars.

The Memorial Hermann Life Flight staff consists of 13 pilots, 14 flight nurses, 15 paramedics/dispatchers and five mechanics. Each helicopter is inspected and serviced daily.

For more information, contact Life Flight at 713-704-3590 (non-emergency calls) or by e-mail.